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Wagrain January 2009 - Skiing
This year, again, Klaus and I, got some people together and went skiing somewhere in Europe. Theo choice this year was between Schweiz or Osterreich. We ended up in Wagrain.

Wagrain, Salzburg, Österreich

View from an Alp on some Alps!

Lone, Mads and Klaus.

Me, Mads and Klaus.

Wagrain is filled with snowmen, here is one on top of Grafenberg

View of Grafenberg from a gondol

Randi (w/the blue hat), Anne, Mads and I.

I think its me out there in front.

View from the top of St. Johan

Klaus comming down the slope

Last trip down the slopes, all rented equipment returned and we are sad and/or in pain.......I think



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